Frequently Asked Questions

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Foreign Exchange

  • We offer spot, forward, flexible-forward (window) contracts for major currency pairs. In addition, we offer foreign currency accounts as both demand and time deposits, to help make the most of your foreign currency assets.
  • Yes. MeDirect maintains international banking relationships that covers most traded currencies. Any incoming payment you receive can be converted into the currency of your choice. Alternatively, if you have an account in any currency other than Euro, it can be credited with the incoming funds with no further conversion. 
  • You can instruct international payments in a variety of currencies by traditional methods or via our comprehensive online banking platform. Payments that include an element of foreign exchange will be executed in line with your instructions.
  • We constantly monitor foreign exchange rates in live markets throughout the day in order to provide you with the most up to date prices. For an indication of our opening rates (updated daily), please click here.
  • Our approach is to gain an understanding of your goals and risk tolerance in relation to foreign exchange in order to implement effective strategies for your business:
    • We avail ourselves of foreign exchange specialists who will assess your needs.
    • We can help you minimise foreign currency exposure in a solution which is tailored to your business.
    • We continuously monitor markets to assist you in taking advantage of any opportunity in line with your pre-determined goals.