Ninety One UK Smaller Companies A GBP Acc
Ninety One Funds Series i (Open Ended Investment Company domiciled in United Kingdom)
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Category: Open Ended Investment Company

The Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth. The Fund invests primarily in the shares of UK smaller companies. UK smaller companies are companies considered to be small based on the size of their issued capital (the value of all shares held by their shareholders added together) and which are included in the Numis Smaller Companies plus AIM (excluding Investment Trusts) Index (the Fund’s primary investment universe). The Fund is therefore managed with reference to this benchmark index because the portfolio is primarily constructed from its constituents. The Fund also uses a subset of this index, the Numis Smaller Companies (excluding Investment Trusts) Index, for performance comparison purposes. The Fund does not seek to replicate either benchmark index. Primarily it will hold assets which are components of these indices but the Investment Manager has discretion to select which companies are held and their weightings within the Fund. As well as investing in the shares of UK smaller companies within the Fund’s primary investment universe, the Fund may invest in other assets such as shares of companies which are not in this benchmark index, cash, money market instruments (tradable securities where money can be invested for short periods), other funds (which may be managed by the Investment Manager, other companies in the same group as the Investment Manager or a third party) and derivatives (financial contracts whose value is linked to the price of an underlying asset). Derivatives may be used for investment purposes (i.e. in order to achieve the Fund’s investment objectives) or for efficient portfolio management purposes e.g. with the aim of either managing the Fund risks or reducing the costs of managing the Fund. The Fund is actively managed. This means the Investment Manager is free to select investments with the aim of achieving the Fund’s objectives. The Investment Association UK Smaller Companies average (as calculated by Morningstar using a peer group of broadly similar funds) is an additional measure by which you can compare the Fund’s performance. Any income due from your investment is reflected in the value of your shares rather than being paid out. You can buy or sell shares in the Fund on any Dealing Day in the UK, as defined in the definitions section of the Investec Funds Series Omnibus prospectus. Recommendation: this Fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within the short to medium term.

Morningstar Rating
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Key Information
Closing Price 18/09/202049.06
Morningstar categoryUK Small-Cap Equity
Distribution statusAccumulating
Inception Date30/07/1982
Minimum initial amount500.00 GBP
Fees And Charges
Entry feeNone
Custody feeNone
Exit feeNone
Ongoing charge1.57% of which 0.75% is paid to MeDirect
Fund management company
AddressNinety One Fund Managers UK Limited 55 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7EL London EC2V 7EL United Kingdom
Manager NameMatthew Evans
Manager Start Date01/11/2017
Total Net Assets (mil)228.88 GBP (31/08/2020)
AdministratorSS&C Financial Services International Limited


en 24/08/2020
Annual Report
en 30/09/2018
Semi Annual Report
en 31/03/2020
Morningstar Report


Historical returns are no guarantee for future performances. Investing in Financial markets and securities involves risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment losses may occur and investors could lose some or all of their investment in the Fund.
Entry fees, purchase charges, custody fees, exit fees, sale charges and taxes are not included in the calculation of past performance. Ongoing charges (including management fees, administrative fees and other costs) have been taken in to account, as they are already included in the price/NAV of the fund.
The performance in euro can be lower or higher than the performance in the currency of denomination of the fund due to fluctuations in exchange rates.
Annualised performance in GBP
PeriodAnnualised returnDate
1 year4.06%18/09/2020
3 years3.74%18/09/2020
5 years6.21%18/09/2020
10 years11.60%18/09/2020
Since launch-18/09/2020
Cumulative performance in GBP
YTD 01/01/2020-7.48
1 month0.22
3 months4.60
6 months43.85
Quarterly Returns
Q 1Q 2Q 3Q 4

Asset Allocation
% Long% Short% Net Assets
Return/Risk Analysis
Risk Measurement1 Year3 Years5 Years
Standard Deviation
Sharpe Ratio
Sortino Ratio
Positive Months7.0020.0035.00
Negative Months5.0016.0025.00
Worst Month-17.67-17.67-17.67
World Regions
United Kingdom90.07
United States7.76
Stock Sector Weighting
Sector% of Equity
Consumer Cyclical
Financial Services12.87
Communication Services11.76
Consumer Defensive
Basic Materials3.71
Top 10 Holdings
HoldingSectorCountry% of Assets
Fevertree Drinks PLC Consumer DefensiveUnited Kingdom3.46
Smart Metering Systems PLC IndustrialsUnited Kingdom3.33
Kainos Group PLC TechnologyUnited Kingdom3.18
Diversified Gas & Oil PLC EnergyUnited States2.75
Ascential PLC Communication ServicesUnited Kingdom2.61
Boku Inc Ordinary Shares TechnologyUnited States2.56
Clinigen Group PLC HealthcareUnited Kingdom2.53
Team17 Group PLC Communication ServicesUnited Kingdom2.51
PureTech Health PLC HealthcareUnited States2.46
AJ Bell PLC Financial ServicesUnited Kingdom2.45
Classification of Morningstar Category
Ranking1 Year2 Years3 Years5 Years
Top 25%
Category above the average
Category below the average
Bottom 25%
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Equity Style
Closing Price
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