Aegon Strategic Global Bond Fund USD A Acc USD
Kames Capital Investment Company (Ireland) plc (Open Ended Investment Company domiciled in Ireland)
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Category: Open Ended Investment Company

Objective: to provide a combination of capital growth and income. Policy: invests at least two thirds in a wide range of investment grade (lower risk) bonds and high yield (higher risk) bonds issued by companies and governments worldwide. The Fund may also invest in cash, deposits and money market instruments (a form of debt security). The Fund is actively managed. The Fund may invest in emerging markets. In investment terms, this means those economies that are still developing. Within the limits set out above, the Fund has discretion in its choice of investments and is not restricted by market sector. It may also hold a limited range of other investments and it is not constrained by any benchmark or index. The Fund may use derivatives (financial contracts whose value is linked to an underlying asset) for investment purposes, to benefit from changes in the price of an underlying asset without actually owning it. The Fund may use investment techniques to manage risks and costs. These techniques include 'hedging' (using derivatives and other financial contracts to reduce the risk associated with: (i) making investments in other currencies: or (ii) interest rates changing). Up to 50% of the Fund may not be 'hedged' i.e. the Fund is exposed to the risks of investing in another currency for this portion. Comparator Benchmarks: Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Total Return Index (USD Hedged). Comparison against this index will allow investors to compare the Fund's performance against that of a representative but not identical universe of the Fund's potential investments. Comparison against this index will also allow investors to judge the active nature of the Fund against performance of an index which could reflect the performance of equivalent passive funds. Lipper Global Bond Global USD Peer Group. Comparison of the Fund against this Peer Group will give investors an indication of how the Fund is performing compared with Funds investing in a similar but not identical investment universe and income orientation. The composition of this peer group is maintained externally and the investment manager makes no guarantees to its accuracy. Other information You can buy, sell or exchange the Fund's shares on any business day (see 'Key Information for Buying and Selling' in the Fund Supplement to the Prospectus for more information). Income the Fund receives will be reinvested and automatically reflected in the value of your shares. It is expected that the Fund will be held as part of a diversified portfolio which may include other assets such as bonds, equities, property and cash.

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Key Information
Closing Price 23/09/202015.25
Morningstar categoryGlobal Flexible Bond - USD Hedged
Distribution statusAccumulating
Inception Date05/09/2011
Minimum initial amount1,000.00 USD
Fees And Charges
Entry feeNone
Custody feeNone
Exit feeNone
Ongoing charge1.38% of which 0.60% is paid to MeDirect
Fund management company
AddressKames Capital PLC Kames House 3 Lochside Crescent EDINBURGH PARK Edinburgh EH12 9SA United Kingdom
Manager NameAlex Pelteshki
Manager Start Date10/08/2017
Total Net Assets (mil)276.44 USD (31/08/2020)
AdministratorCitibank Europe PLC


en 22/12/2017
Annual Report
en 31/10/2018
Semi Annual Report
en 30/04/2019
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Historical returns are no guarantee for future performances. Investing in Financial markets and securities involves risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment losses may occur and investors could lose some or all of their investment in the Fund.
Entry fees, purchase charges, custody fees, exit fees, sale charges and taxes are not included in the calculation of past performance. Ongoing charges (including management fees, administrative fees and other costs) have been taken in to account, as they are already included in the price/NAV of the fund.
The performance in euro can be lower or higher than the performance in the currency of denomination of the fund due to fluctuations in exchange rates.
Annualised performance in USD
PeriodAnnualised returnDate
1 year12.28%23/09/2020
3 years6.96%23/09/2020
5 years5.41%23/09/2020
Since launch4.77%23/09/2020
Cumulative performance in USD
YTD 01/01/202011.22
1 month0.34
3 months3.72
6 months22.84
Quarterly Returns
Q 1Q 2Q 3Q 4

Asset Allocation
% Long% Short% Net Assets
Return/Risk Analysis
Risk Measurement1 Year3 Years5 Years
Standard Deviation
Sharpe Ratio
Sortino Ratio
Positive Months10.0028.0044.00
Negative Months2.008.0016.00
Worst Month-8.06-8.06-8.06
World Regions
United Kingdom1.15
Stock Sector Weighting
Sector% of Equity
Financial Services1.15
Top 10 Holdings
HoldingSectorCountry% of Assets
Ultra 10 Year US Treasury Note Future Dec 20 31/12/2020United States17.04
5 Year Treasury Note Future Dec 20 31/12/2020United States10.59
10 Year Treasury Note Future Dec 20 31/12/2020United States8.24
10 Year Australian Treasury Bond Future Sept 20 30/09/2020Australia5.21
United States Treasury Notes 0.5% United States4.21
United States Treasury Notes 1.5% United States3.72
United States Treasury Bonds 3.38% 15/11/2048United States2.08
United States Treasury Notes 2.75% United States1.94
HSBC Capital Funding (Sterling 1) L.P. 5.84% 29/11/2049United Kingdom1.73
New Zealand (Government Of) 1.75% New Zealand1.67
Classification of Morningstar Category
Ranking1 Year2 Years3 Years5 Years
Top 25%
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Category below the average
Bottom 25%
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Fixed Income Style
Interest Rate Sensitivity
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