X Deposit

10 months
At maturity
Interest paid
Bonus to new customers

Good to know

New customers opening an account between December 2019 and February 2020 will benefit from a 1.5% p.a. tax free bonus on the first EUR 10,000 balance.
Opening and managing the account is free of charge.
Interest rate is guaranteed for the entire term, and will remain unchanged regardless of changes in market interest rates.
Available in EUR only.
The account can be opened with a minimum of EUR 100.
Interest rates are quoted gross of tax on a per annum basis.
Interest is paid at account maturity. Bonus will be paid in January 2021.
Withdrawals may be made only upon maturity of the account, and early withdrawals are not permitted.
The Bank and its products are regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.
Deposits are guaranteed up to €100,000 per depositor per credit institution under the Malta Financial Services Authority Depositor Compensation Scheme.
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How do I open an account?
If you already hold an account with MeDirect opening additional accounts is quick and easy. You will just need to Log In to your account, click on open an account and follow the steps indicated on screen.If you are not a client of MeDirect you will need to choose Become a Client and follow the steps indicated on screen.
Are there any fees to open and maintain an account?
No charges are applicable to open and maintain an account with MeDirect. For more information about fees please read our Tariffs & Charges Schedule for Banking Services.
How can I deposit funds in my account?
You can deposit funds by instructing a bank transfer from an external bank account to your MeDirect account. We also accept deposits by means cheques and bank drafts.