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  • All MeDirect accounts are guaranteed up to €100,000 by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) under the Depositor Compensation Scheme.

  • The Depositor Compensation Scheme is a rescue fund for depositors of failed banks which are licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Compensation is paid only if a bank is unable to meet its obligations towards depositors or has otherwise suspended payment. The Scheme is based on the EU Directive 94/19 on deposit-guarantee schemes. The scheme is managed by a single Management Committee which is appointed by the MFSA, for more information please read Depositor Compensation Scheme Information Sheet. 

  • All client holdings are held in separated client custody accounts with robust, investment grade rated global providers of custody and safekeeping services. Such accounts are held in the name of MeDirect as nominee for its clients and not in MeDirect’s own name. As a result, no matter what happens to MeDirect, all client investment holdings will remain in these segregated client custody accounts and would continue to be held for your benefit.

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