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Company Announcement - Volksbank Malta Limited

As you may have read in the press, Volksbank Malta Limited was acquired by Mediterranean Bank plc on the 25th September 2014, after receiving full regulatory approval. The Bank has been renamed Mediterranean Corporate Bank Limited (MCB) and will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent Mediterranean Bank plc.

Our main objective for MCB will be to continue to build on most of the existing services plus enhancing our corporate lending and corporate financing solutions. These, together with the current services offered to corporate customers from Mediterranean Bank plc, will enable us to offer a full suite of products with the intention of transforming MCB into Malta’s first specialist corporate bank.

As part of the restructuring process the corporate teams have been relocated to the bank’s new premises in Sliema which are situated at 53, Dingli Street. All email addresses and contact numbers have remained unchanged.

We would also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to our updated tariff which can be found on our website.

As the vast majority of our customers are now using our internet banking services we will also be switching the paper statement frequency to “annual” which going forward will be the default option. Paper statements may still be issued at shorter intervals upon your request however these would attract fees as per Bank’s tariff.

We look forward to continue to service your requirements.

For any further details please contact our corporate team at

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