Company Announcement - Mark A. Watson

The following is a company announcement issued by Mediterranean Bank plc (the "Bank") pursuant to the Malta Financial Services Authority Listing Rule 5.


Personnel Changes

The Bank is pleased to announce that Mark A. Watson, the CEO of the Bank, has returned full time to his role as CEO following a temporary leave of absence to address a medical issue. The Bank would like to thank Dominic Wallace, an Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer at the Bank, for his service as Acting CEO during the period of Mr. Watson's absence.

In addition, the Bank is also pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Konewko as the new Chief Risk Officer of the Bank. Mr. Konewko has been appointed in anticipation of the forthcoming retirement of Dr. Wallace. As noted in an earlier announcement, Dr. Wallace will continue to serve the Bank as a Non- Executive Director following his retirement.


Henry C. Schmeltzer

Company Secretary

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