De-Mystifying Investments

De-Mystifying Investments

With extensive experience in banking and online technologies, Patricia Boydens is well-placed to face the challenges of her role as MeDirect Belgium’s Business Development Consultant.

In a world where we need to save money and are far too busy to decipher complicated financial products, Patricia Boydens expertly ensures that MeDirect’s customers can access the best savings and investment products at the click of a button. “Working in banking taught me that although clients’ needs may change according to their circumstances, their main concern remains the same. Everyone needs to save and invest for various goals ranging from short term projects to safeguarding their retirement, and they need to trust that they are investing their hard-earned money in the best way possible. Delivering that peace of mind to our customers is always at the forefront of my thoughts when I’m developing products at MeDirect.”

“At MeDirect we aim to be the leading bank for mutual fund investing and as a result such funds are the cornerstone of our product offer. We present investment information in a digital format ensuring that clients have a full and comprehensive understanding of each product and that they can access those products very easily. We pride ourselves on our impartiality and offer funds from all the big international fund managers alongside some that are preferred by local investors. We also realise that cost is an important factor for investors and keep these as low as possible. Finally, we offer online tools that help users to navigate the wide universe of securities on offer, and to find the investment that better suits them.”

“In addition to offering investment funds, we also offer a number of Model Portfolios which enable investors to invest in baskets of funds. Model Portfolios spread investments among various asset classes, industries and geographies rendering them less volatile than other investment options. If clients wish to have further assistance they can opt for our ground-breaking online wealth management service which enables them to give us initial instructions and leave the rest to us. MeDirect was the first bank in Belgium to bring this premium service to online banking customers and following its success we are looking to introduce it in Malta in the near future.”

Despite being based in Brussels, Ms Boydens works closely with her colleagues in Malta on a daily basis. “The main difference between MeDirect in Malta and MeDirect in Belgium is that in Malta we have a branch network alongside online banking while in Belgium we are purely an online bank. Otherwise we try to align our offer as much as possible because ultimately, regardless of where she is based, an investor is always an investor looking for the best investment. Now that we are operating under the same name, it will strengthen our brand across both jurisdictions.”

Our aim, both in Belgium and Malta, is to be the one stop shop for all savings and investment needs and that is why we offer both investments and high interest savings accounts. The Me3 Savings Account is a very popular product both in Malta and in Belgium, where it was named the “Saving Account of the Year” by the website Guide-é in 2016 and 2017. The Me3 was so successful that we launched the Me12 Savings Account in Malta last year and will be introducing it in Belgium shortly. Unexpected expenses crop up and saving accounts are the perfect way to create a safety buffer against them whilst also being the perfect reserve in which to accumulate money to be invested later. Savings and investments definitely go hand in hand.

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