Work Hard Study Hard – Runner-Up: Marquita Schembri

Joining MeDirect was a great opportunity, and it has nurtured within me a number of skills, all of which attest to the extent of my personal and professional growth.

MeDirect has seen rapid expansion, and in response to the needs of the Bank, I have had to learn how to adapt quickly to change, such as switching between departments. My ability to plan, organise and prioritise work, complemented by my problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, have helped me to further my career and attain my current position as a Manager.

Good communication is integral to working at MeDirect, both whilst helping clients and also whilst working with colleagues. I have found teamwork to be valuable in teaching me to listen more to others, and to evaluate others’ ideas prior to taking the final decision. As an employee of MeDirect, I have also had the opportunity to attend the bank-sponsored Business Writing Skills course, which illustrates the importance that the Bank gives to advancing the services that we provide our valued clients.

Another important course sponsored by the Bank was the Diploma in Management. This was a one year course, prepared by an external tutor, with all attendees being MeDirect employees. The course bolstered my confidence in participating during the lectures, which then led me to acquire useful leadership and managerial skills. In addition to this, it improved my ability to inspire team members to do what is right, guide them along the way and monitor their progress at every step.

Along the way, I have learnt the various processes and procedures necessary to finalise tasks. I also attended Excel Courses and the Syndicated Loans Online Certificate Course provided by the Bank, with both having increased my efficiency. The latter course has also helped me better appreciate the area of work I specialise in.

The past six years that I have spent working at MeDirect have helped me to change and grow into the person I am today. MeDirect’s support of its employees and study leave program have been invaluable to staff members like me, who wish to further their education whilst working. I was first hired as an Officer, but thanks to this initiative, I was promoted to Senior Officer after one year, and then entrusted with a managerial position the year after. Knowing that my hard work is appreciated further encourages me to continue studying and to offer my utmost to the Bank.

Work Hard Study Hard – Winner: Eliot Lauri

As soon as I finished my studies in banking, I applied for a job at MeDirect. At the time, I was confident that I had a good understanding of the main functions of a bank. However, I soon discovered that what I had learnt so far was just the basic knowledge, and that real banking procedures are learnt through experience.

When I look back at where I started, and compare it to the position I find myself in today, I realise how little I knew and what a continuous journey it is to work at MeDirect. My colleagues and I do not come to work to simply fulfil our duties, but we endeavour to achieve the highest standards when discussing new ideas on how to improve the Bank’s performance. On the other hand, the Bank provides multiple initiatives that help staff members develop further in their careers.

I am but one of the many employees who are currently still studying outside office hours. I am encouraged to do so by my managers, as they are able to see the advantages that furthering your education brings; both for the individual and for the Bank.

MeDirect’s policies support employees in multiple ways. These include providing them with study leave, as well as reimbursements of fees for courses relating to work. Having these options in place facilitates ones’ wishes to further their studies, and showcases that the Bank understands the need for ongoing learning.

These incentives are helping me both in my day-to-day work and in my career; I have managed to become a Senior Officer, with more responsibilities than those I had some years ago when I first started. Were it not for the motivation from my managers over the years, as well as for the Banks’ incentives, I would have remained in my initial position. Even if I fail an exam, the continuous support I receive from all my colleagues helps me boost my morale and re-sit the same exam until I obtain the desired mark.

To put it simply, if one works or wishes to work for MeDirect, one has to be determined to pick themselves up when they fail, and continue pushing forward until they achieve their goals. In conclusion, from my personal experience, I believe that if one is willing to work hard, be open to learning and persist in moving forward, MeDirect is sure to give you a push in the right direction.


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