Competition Website Image - Topic 3 Winner

Why MeDirect – Winner: Braden Galea

MeDirect values its most important asset: the professionals who provide quality service within its various departments every single day. I first observed the professionalism of the staff as a customer and gained such a positive impression that when I heard of a vacancy within the finance department, I did not hesitate to apply. Looking back at these past months working for MeDirect, not only do I not regret joining the bank, but I am proud to have made the decision to be part of the team on the successful path it is charting. My experience so far has been very positive, and from the very start, I felt that I could use the knowledge and experience I gained from four years working in audit towards reaching the reporting goals of the expanding finance department.

I joined the Bank shortly before the move to the new state-of-the-art office in Tigné: a move designated to showcase the bank’s mission to consolidate all departments in a first-class location and enhance teamwork. Whereas before, calls and emails were the main tool to communicate internally, nowadays face-to-face communication is possible and encouraged. I feel that through the effort of the HR department, the Bank demonstrates its appreciation of the staff’s input and strives for personnel retention in a challenging job market where quality labour supply is limited. In such a scenario, the bank offers an extremely competitive package in comparison with the market and promotes job satisfaction. Ultimately, attracting and retaining the best people in the labour market is what distinguishes a successful company as, rather than constantly replacing staff, it can focus on providing a high quality of service. Being the third largest bank in Malta and having a presence in Belgium, the Bank needs all staff on board for the journey towards success. With the strong workforce that MeDirect can reliably bank on, while creating an environment where everyone feels valued, it can think and move ahead towards its goals, knowing that staff will continue to sustain its growth and work together to reach towards new heights. By aiming to become the top employer of choice, the Bank is also poised to retain its reputation as the bank offering the highest quality service to its esteemed clients.