Stompers RFC takes the title yet again in this season’s MeDirect Bank Cup

The Stompers RFC takes the title yet again in this season’s MeDirect Bank Cup

On Saturday 27th April 2019, the Stompers Rugby Football Club doubled up the silverware taking this season’s MeDirect Bank Cup. It was a great match, played under the scorching sun where the Stompers managed to overcome the Kavallieri Rugby Football Club’s stern challenge. Apart from winning the CISK League this season, the Stompers were also victorious in last season’s MeDirect Bank Cup final, making them undefeated for the past two seasons. The MeDirect Bank Cup Final, from start to finish, was an exceptional contest and one of the most gripping to watch this this year.


The MeDirect Bank Cup final recap:

The match did not start on the bright side for the Kavallieri, as Heathley, freshly returning from an injury sustained in a previous game, was yet again wounded in the first minute and had to be replaced with Edmunds. This in turn gave the Stompers an advantage where they drew first blood some minutes later. This occurred when Betts was given a pass from a central play-move and sprinted towards the try-line while grounding the ball with no conversion being made.

Stompers 5 – Kavallieri 0

As the game progressed, the Stompers continued to pile pressure on the Kavallieri’s backline, thanks to a flowing forward drive scored by the evergreen Richard Gum. The latter continued to pile misery on the Kavallieri by converting his own try.

Stompers 12 – Kavallieri 0

Frustrated with the score, the Kavallieri did not manage to create too many goal-scoring opportunities. Nevertheless, full back Eduard Toderika pierced the Stompers’ strict defence-line after a supporting move by the Kavallieri’s pack.

Stompers 12 – Kavallieri 5

Both rugby teams continued to exchange fierce forward drives by respective side forward lines, resulting in two converted tries by the Stompers’ Keith Azzopardi and the Kavallieri’s Branton Bonello. Both tries were converted, ending the first half on the MeDirect Bank Cup Final.

Stompers 19 – Kavallieri 12

After a slow start to the second half, both sides played defensive rugby with the Stompers catching ground to score two successive tries by Gary Hili and Malcolm Attard. Both tries were not converted, with the match ending and the Stompers being crowned victorious once more.

Final Score: Stompers 29 – Kavallieri 12


The match was skillfully refereed by Sean Doublesin, aided by Sam Ramage and Ileana Brown. Each team member was awarded a medal, along with the highly coveted MeDirect Bank Cup trophy. These accolades were presented by MeDirect Bank representative Ingrid Micallef, handing the medals to the runners-up and winners, while crowning the Stompers RFC as the MeDirect Bank Cup winners for the second time in a row.

The team at MeDirect Bank would like to congratulate all Rugby Football Clubs this season for participating and making this MeDirect Bank Cup one to remember.

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