A Paw-sitive Valentine’s Day at MeDirect Bank

All we need is love and some TLC, but during the month of February the feeling grows fonder. This month, MeDirect Bank went for a different approach to celebrate Valentine’s Day and wanted to give some love to those who love us unconditionally!

The staff at MeDirect wanted to create more awareness about our little furry friends which make our life brighter and happier but haven’t found a permanent home yet.

MeDirect opted to give a helping hand to the Island Sanctuary and CLAWS Malta by collecting donations from our staff with which the Bank bought food and other necessities for both shelters. We also included some treats and pet toys for some play time.

The Island Sanctuary has been in operation for over thirty years and its main aim is to cater for the needs of stray and abondoned dogs. Initially known as Animal Samaritans, the Island Sanctuary’s first base was on Manoel Island but following an official lease to use Fort Tas-Silġ in Delimara, this animal sanctuary relocated to a more suitable location. Nowadays Island Sanctuary helps hundreds of dogs a year with food, medicine, sheltering and so much more. Funds are never enough and the sanctuary runs on volunteers, this is why the Bank felt like it would be noble to collect money for this sanctuary and support these selfless care givers. For those who’d like to help out by sponsoring a dog for just €30, click here.

The other organisation that is benefitting this Valentine’s Day is a 4-year old charitable cat shelter called CLAWS which stands for Cat Lovers Adoption Welfare and Support. CLAWS rescues, rehabilitate and rehome over 500 kittens and cats a year, in 2021 particularly this went up to 700! No, we are not kitten kidding you! 700! 400 of which came through Animal Welfare. Once again this organisation is run by a number of volunteers that dedicate their free time to provide a better life for our feline friends. The aim of CLAWS is to provide a loving home for cats that lose theirs due to several reasons. The running costs of CLAWS exceed the donations they receive year on year, and this is why MeDirect Bank opted to help this charitable organisation. For those cat lovers who’d love to support CLAWS by sponsoring a cat click here.

We urge our staff, clients and readers to support those who are voiceless and assist such organisations in their invaluable work.

MeDirect donates to CLAWS Malta

MeDirect donates to the Island Sanctuary

MeDirect supports three NGOs on World Cancer Day

On the 4th of February, the world commemorates World Cancer Day, an initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) which sees its origins on the 4th of February 2000 at the World Summit Against Cancer held in Paris.

Did you know that 10 million people die from cancer every year? And that is the second leading cause of death worldwide? Locally, we have a number of NGOs who work incessantly with cancer patients and their relatives on a daily basis.

MeDirect Bank has decided to support three non-governmental organisations in the fight against cancer and in order to assist those who through the ordeal. The three NGOs are Puttinu Cares, Hospice Malta and Smiling with Jerome

Puttinu Cares needs no introduction locally. It is a children’s cancer support group which was set up in 2002. Founded by the recently late Dr Victor Calvagna and Mr Rennie Zerafa, Puttinu Cares offers a holistic approach and cares for families with children suffering from cancer. The professional staff and volunteers of Puttinu Cares are always willing to provide whatever is needed to the cancer sick children and their respective families going through this very difficult period in their lives. Puttinu’s support group is also essential as it offers guidance for the parents and relatives dealing with the harsh reality. The specialised, dedicated team treats each family differently according to their customised needs.

Smiling With Jerome’s aim is to assist individuals and their relatives that are going through difficult times with particular emphasis on those who have been diagnosed with cancer or other serious ailments. This NGO provides hope for the future and courage to fight to those who need it.

The Bank’s Staff donated to both NGOs after organising a raffle between the employees and collected an amount which helps these organisations continue their stellar role in society.

Over and above this, the Bank also donated to Hospice Malta, which promotes and provides the highest standards of palliative care for persons undergoing cancer treatments, motor neuron disease and terminal respiratory, cardiac, renal and liver disease.

MeDirect Bank would like to encourage our employees, customers and the general public to donate to an organisation as their little help can make a huge difference to those in need.

MeDirect gives back this festive season

During the festive season, MeDirect continued to do its part to give back to the local community.

MeDirect is proud to once again support L-Istrina as part of their annual charity telethon, which took place on the 26th December. The Foundation’s aim is to improve the quality of life and care of individuals and society in general, which is achieved by ensuring the effective and transparent application or disbursement of funds that they raise throughout the year.

This year, a team of MeDirect employees also volunteered some of their time on the day and were present during the telethon to answer calls from those calling in with their donation.

This year MeDirect also supported Children’s Dreams, which is a project with the sole mission of making the Christmas wishes come true for children coming from families facing social and financial difficulty. MeDirect Bank Malta fulfilled a number of these wishes.

The bank would like to thank all the organisations for the work that they do to improve the quality of life of individuals in need in Malta, and wish them all the very best for their upcoming endeavours in 2022.

MeDirect Staff at L-Istrina 2021

MeDirect Staff at L-Istrina 2021

MeDirect Christmas Tree with Children's Dream

MeDirect’s Christmas Tree with Children’s Dream Token of Appreciation

MeDirect Bank employees volunteer in animal sanctuaries

On Sunday 5th of December, following the United Nations’ initiative, the world recognises International Volunteer Day and the tireless and priceless work by volunteers around the world. MeDirect Bank promotes volunteering as we believe that time is the best gift one can give to those in need.

In order to commemorate this special day, a group of MeDirect employees helped out in two animal sanctuaries on Saturday 4th December morning. The two associations that benefitted from this voluntary experience were Association for Abandoned Animals in Birżebbuġa and Animal Guardians in Ħal Luqa.

One of the teams of MeDirect employees visited Animal Guardians in Luqa on Saturday morning. Animal Guardians have been running a cat shelter for over 3 years. They rescue hundreds of abandoned and neglected cats and kittens. Sheltering over 300 feline friends, our team of employees helped out the volunteers, donated food and spent time with these adorable animals.

At the Association for Abondoned Animals, also known as AAA, our employees had a tour of the sanctuary, donated some dog food and helped out with the daily tasks at this home. AAA’s aim is to save as many abandoned and abused dogs as possible. On a daily basis, the volunteers at the animal sanctuary come across dogs that need love and care. They cure them, neuter them, and once they recover they do their utmost to find them a forever home. All of this is done by a number of people who work around the clock, for free, for our little four-legged friends who pay them with love.

Damita Camilleri, Customer Support Officer at MeDirect Bank, visited the sanctuary with a number of colleagues and urged the public to be cautious when adopting or gifting pets this Christmas. “Always remember that any kind of pet you decide to get as a ‘gift’ to yourself or for your children, at the end of the day, you need to take care of them, not your children. Especially if your children are young. The trauma that these animals go through is something which cannot be explained” she insisted. Camilleri also highlighted the fact that animals which are abandoned are traumatised and they might never heal from it, so one has to take everything into consideration prior to adopting pets as they are a huge commitment and require love, care and attention.

AAA is open to the public for donations and adoptions every day from 9am till 2pm. Prior appointments are recommended.

MeDirect encourages its employees and clients to give the gift of time this Christmas and spend time with those that need it the most. And always adopt, don’t shop!

 AAA - Birzebbuga

A group of MeDirect employees visited the Association for Abandoned Animals in Birżebbuġa which houses a number of stray and abused dogs.

Animal Guardians - Luqa

Another group visited Animal Guardians in Luqa and spent some time helping out the volunteers

MeDirect proudly supports Children Dream’s

Children’s Dreams is a project with the sole mission of making the Christmas wishes come true for the children identified by the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, which come from families facing social and financial difficulty, and also children being raised in Children’s Homes. The wishes of these children are collected and published onto this website: https://www.childrendreams.org.

This year MeDirect Bank are fulfilling 5 dreams, hoping to put a smile on a few faces, this festive season. 

How Can you Help?

Browse through the dreams and choose the one you would like to fulfil.

Select the dream of your choice and leave your details. Once you leave your details, that is a promise from your end that you will fulfill that particular dream. Your details will be given to the professional staff behind Children Dreams who will get in touch with you, within three working days either by email or telephone. Confidentiality will be respected to protect all persons concerned.

You are then encouraged to buy the gift and deliver the gift personally to Children’s Dreams Office.

From there the professional staff at FSWS will personally deliver all gifts to the children concerned, making a brighter Christmas to these children.

Together we can make the world a better place for children.

If you have any further questions, please email: info@childrendreams.org

Pictures at an Exhibition by the Malta Philarmonic Orchestra

The Malta Philarmonic Orchestra, supported annually by MeDirect Bank, presents an exciting musical programme, being held on the 27th of November, performing Mussorgsky’s masterpiece Pictures at an Exhibition. This soirée takes the audience through a number of emotions brought across by the various artworks connected by a promenade.

This evening is a magical one for those who enjoy the melodical sounds of the oboe. Famed German oboist Albrecht Mayer features in Elgar’s only existing movement of his suite for oboe and strings Soliloquy, followed by Richard Strauss’ Oboe Concerto, considered as one of the greatest concertos in the oboe repertoire.

Do not hesitate to book your tickets for Pictures at an Exhibition for a memorable evening in a breathtaking setting. 

This event will take place at the luxurious Hilton Malta in St. Julians where parking and access is definitely not a concern.  

MeDirect is proud to support the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

This event will follow all health protocols and will abide with all restrictions for events taking place in an enclosed area. The audience will be asked to present a valid vaccination certificate upon entry. Attendees shall be subject to temperature checks at entrance. Masks to be worn throughout the whole duration of the performance.

World Food Day is about the lack of it for some

World Food Day is celebrated annually on the 16th of October to promote global awareness for those who suffer from hunger and the food we consume.

In the run up for this day, MeDirect Bank is organising a food collection week at the offices by its employees. The food items collected throughout the week prior the 16th will be donated to Dar Merħba Bik, a Non-Governmental Organisation which offers shelter to female victims of domestic violence and their children. Dar Merhba Bik is run by the Sisters of The Good Sheperd and YMCA Malta, which specialises in support, assistance and reintegration of the homeless in Malta.

World Food Day is an international day celebrated every year to commemorate the date of the founding of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945. World Food Day is not only about celebrating the mouth-watering food that some of us have the privilege of indulging in, but it is about raising awareness for people who do not have such a privilege.

Did you know that every year the World Food Day carries a theme?

  • 2018: “Our Actions Are Our Future, Ending World Hunger by 2030 is Possible”
  • 2019: “Our Actions Are Our Future, Healthy Diets for A #ZeroHunger World”
  • 2020: “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together”

This year’s theme is “Our actions are our future – Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life“.

The food we choose and the way we consume it not only affects our health and well-being but also that of our planet. This plays a massive role in the way the agricultural systems work. We all need to be part of the change.

Even though certain countries seem oblivious, in this day and age, there are still people all over the world who suffer from hunger. Famine is prevalent in a number of countries, and more needs to be done in order to raise awareness and tackle this issue. It’s quite startling that we live in a world where a large portion of the population can indulge in lavish dinners at the blink of an eye while others struggle to put food on the table.

So let’s use World Food Day to reflect about the food we choose and consume, the waste we’re generating and about those who suffer from starvation on a daily basis.

MicrosoftTeams-image (14)

MeDirect supporting a better future for children

MeDirect gives back to the community by supporting several charities throughout the year. The Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation Malta, was one of those charities that benefitted during 2021 by supporting their Fund-Raising Raffle. This year RMHC, raised the sum of €9,000. These funds will go towards the running of the RMHC Learning Centre, a 360m² facility that is being used by NGOs and the community.

The pandemic posed challenges on charities all over the world. Therefore MeDirect rose to the occasion to stand by RMHC and its beneficiaries even more during such tumultuous times.

RMHC gets involved in a number of activities throughout the year. In 2021, these included, more than 500 hours of one-to-one free counselling sessions through the current agreement with the Department of Counselling at the University of Malta. RMHC also supported Caritas with the setup of their new Tal-Ibwar Adolescents Therapeutic programme by hosting the educational courses at the Learning Centre. These courses are offered as part of the day programme (Tal-Ibwar Learning Hub) and included media studies, outdoor education, hospitality studies, woodwork and pottery amongst others. This also included studies in core subjects: English, Maltese and Mathematics. They also supported Richmond Foundation through their KIDs programme.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation’s aim is to widen the scope of the Learning Centre by putting the premises at the disposal of more NGOs.  They aim to host as many educational programs and events as the place permits. By the end of the year they will be supporting a total of 10 NGOs with LGBTI+ Gozo and NWAMI International Malta being their latest addition. The Foundation is currently in discussions with FSWS, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services to place the Learning Centre in the north community of Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay, Buġibba and Burmarrad through their programmes and services aimed towards children, families and the community in order to avoid social exclusion.

It’s not just about the pink, get yourself screened

October is here and the world just got a whole lot more pink. Buildings are lit up in hues of pink around the island, little pink bows are popping up everywhere all in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

MeDirect Bank is committed to ensuring employees and clients alike are aware of the risks to their health and the options they have to prevent them. In Malta, an average of 300 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Breast cancer is detected from ages as young as 20 up to 85 and older. The most common bracket is from 50 to 75-year-olds.  

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. Organized screening programs with mammography have led to earlier diagnosis, and coupled with effective treatment, have led to reductions in breast cancer mortality. Raising awareness and understanding about breast cancer risks, early signs and symptoms and overall breast health awareness is an important part of a public health approach for breast cancer. It is important to nip the cancer in its bud and nothing works better than an early detection which could significantly improve the chances of a patient’s survival. Women are advised to self-examine their breasts to check for any abnormal changes like lumps. They may not be always cancerous, but it’s better not to take chances. Early diagnoses through checking yourself and mammography screening will lead to better outcomes and improved survival. Though rare, men can also get breast cancer and account for approximately 1% to 2% of all breast cancer cases. 

MeDirect Bank wholeheartedly joins the October Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer and support women to reduce their breast cancer risks, be screened, seek medical attention and encourage our employees and clients to get screened regularly.

World Animal Day

World Animal Day occurs annually on the 4th of October, the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. It is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare.

MeDirect Malta will be donating all of last week’s canteen proceeds to RMJ’s Horse Rescue, as a thank you for all their hard work and dedication. RMJ’s Horse Rescue is a non profit organization set up to rescue horses who are severely neglected and care for them until they are ready to be rehomed to their forever home.

For more details on how to help out RMJ’s Horse Rescue, visit their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/RMJHorseRescue


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