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How do I become a client?

It takes a few minutes to become a MeDirect customer. To apply, just click on the Become a Client button and follow the steps indicated on screen.

Why do I need to disclose whether I am a US citizen, US resident alien or US tax resident?

MeDirect asks this question in order to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). This is a US law which requires non-US financial institutions to provide the US tax authority (the Internal Revenue Service or IRS) with information on certain US persons with accounts outside of the US. If you qualify as a US person, you cannot apply for an account.

How do I open an account?

If you already hold an account with MeDirect opening additional accounts is quick and easy. Just Log In to your account, click on ‘Open an Account’, and follow the steps indicated on screen. If you are not a client of MeDirect you will need to choose ‘Become a Client’ and follow the steps indicated on screen. Once your application is confirmed, you will just need to Log In, click on ‘Open an Account’ and follow the steps indicated on screen.

What type of accounts does MeDirect offer?

MeDirect offers a range of bank accounts available in multiple currencies which are designed to suit the needs of all our customers. In addition to standard easy access current and savings accounts, MeDirect offers a range of other types of accounts to help customers manage and grow their money. These include: Me Savings Accounts which are notice savings accounts of 1, 3 or 6 months, offering different interest rates depending on the notice period. MeMax Savings Account, which is a higher interest bearing instant access savings account into which customers can deposit up to €2,000 per month, up to a maximum balance of €50,000. Term Deposit Accounts of varying duration from 3 months up to 5 years, designed to help customers save for the longer term. To open an account with MeDirect you first need to become a customer. This process can be completed online here.

How does a MeMax Savings Account work?

The MeMax Savings Account is an interest-bearing account which gives you instant access to your money. Interest is paid monthly and compounded into your MeMax Savings Account. You can deposit up to €2,000 during each calendar month, up to a maximum account balance of €50,000. Deposits can be made at one go or through multiple transfers throughout the month up to the stipulated €2,000 deposit limit. Once the €2,000 deposit limit is reached during that particular calendar month, no further deposits will be allowed until the new month. You can withdraw funds from your MeMax Savings Account whenever you want. There is no limit on the amount which can be withdrawn provided the account is sufficiently funded.

Can I open a joint account online?

Yes, when accounts are available as joint accounts, these can be opened online. If you are both existing clients and have your online banking activated, the main account holder will be required to initiate the process online. The main account holder will also need to indicate that the account is to be in joint names and providing the joint account holder’s client number. The joint account holder will consequently receive an SMS notification, requesting him or her to log in and authorise account opening. If you are new clients, you would need to click on ‘Become a Client’ and follow the steps indicated on screen for joint accounts. Some products, such as the MeMax Savings Account are limited to only account per customer. In these circumstances, it is not possible to open a joint account online.

How can I register for Online Banking?

New MeDirect clients are automatically registered for Online Banking. The service is available 24/7 and is free of charge. If you are already a client of MeDirect and would like to register for Online Banking, please call us on (+356) 2557 4400 to request an Activation Code.


We strive to ensure a streamlined account opening process, via a structured and clear set of requirements and personalised assistance during the initial communication stages. If you are interested in opening a corporate account with MeDirect, please complete an Account Opening Information Questionnaire and send it to corporate@medirect.com.mt.

For a comprehensive list of documentation required to open a corporate account please contact us by email at corporate@medirect.com.mt or by phone on (+356) 2557 4444.