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Valuing the Values We Value - Winner: Roderick Bugeja

The values we share at MeDirect define us as an organisation. MeDirect is no longer the small bank that was set up in Malta back in 2005. It is now the third largest bank in Malta (by way of assets) and this was achieved thanks to the collective efforts of everyone within the organisation and with clear vision from senior management. So as a first statement the phrase constantly-evolving culture best describes the cultural perspective of the group. 

Evolving because the group has been able to:

  • Create change to stakeholders, especially our customers through self-service capabilities.
  • Think ahead, giving the local and foreign investor the opportunity to Bank ahead.
  • Safeguard our integrity by adopting the best practice in terms of internal controls.

A top value trait at MeDirect Group is surely innovation. Innovation was evident in the way that in 2012, Mediterranean Bank was the first bank in Malta to launch an online trading platform for the local market, thereby giving investors control over their investments. Innovation has helped the customers of MeDirect group create their own financial value/future.

In light of developments in the global banking sector, MeDirect Group has placed significant importance on achieving the best practice in corporate governance, something the group prides itself on achieving. Our strict internal controls have enabled MeDirect to mitigate the compliance-risks which are inherent in the development of innovative services and be able to best respond to local and foreign regulators. This stance has helped MeDirect Group meet the challenges of being supervised by the European Central Bank (ECB) … that’s a big milestone to achieve! This would not have been possible without the dedication of all personnel.

Finally, the new face of MeDirect Group continues to emphasise the concept that the Group’s commitment has always been and always will be about growing innovatively and retaining a close relationship with our customers. In being innovative the group can continue to create market change whilst staying ahead of any challenges that might crop up from time to time. The solid foundation of the group makes it a good candidate for achieving further success locally and abroad.


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