Why SMS Messages Require Extra Caution in Today’s Digital Age

Reports by reputable Cyber Security firms indicate that fraudsters are increasingly using SMS to trick individuals into sharing personal and financial information. This highlights the importance of being cautious and aware when it comes to SMS messages, as these types of attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated.

Please be aware that MeDirect will never send you an SMS that contains a link to login or a request for your banking details.

Scammers and fraudsters will try to trick you into sharing your personal and financial information using various methods. They may, for example, create a fake website that looks like ours and ask you to click on that link to log in and input your account details. If you do so, scammers will gain access to your account details and passwords and then be able to conduct fraudulent transactions from your account.

To avoid falling victim to these scams, please remember to:

  • Never share your banking details with anyone, and
  • Always verify the authenticity of any message or communication that you receive.

If you have any doubts or suspicions about a message, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on +356 2557 4400 or customerservice@medirect.com.mt.  If you believe that a crime has been committed, contact the Police on computer@crime.gov.mt.

Please be vigilant and stay safe online.


We strive to ensure a streamlined account opening process, via a structured and clear set of requirements and personalised assistance during the initial communication stages. If you are interested in opening a corporate account with MeDirect, please complete an Account Opening Information Questionnaire and send it to corporate@medirect.com.mt.

For a comprehensive list of documentation required to open a corporate account please contact us by email at corporate@medirect.com.mt or by phone on (+356) 2557 4444.