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A Paw-sitive Valentine’s Day at MeDirect Bank

All we need is love and some TLC, but during the month of February the feeling grows fonder. This month, MeDirect Bank went for a different approach to celebrate Valentine’s Day and wanted to give some love to those who love us unconditionally!

The staff at MeDirect wanted to create more awareness about our little furry friends which make our life brighter and happier but haven’t found a permanent home yet.

MeDirect opted to give a helping hand to the Island Sanctuary and CLAWS Malta by collecting donations from our staff with which the Bank bought food and other necessities for both shelters. We also included some treats and pet toys for some play time.

The Island Sanctuary has been in operation for over thirty years and its main aim is to cater for the needs of stray and abondoned dogs. Initially known as Animal Samaritans, the Island Sanctuary’s first base was on Manoel Island but following an official lease to use Fort Tas-Silġ in Delimara, this animal sanctuary relocated to a more suitable location. Nowadays Island Sanctuary helps hundreds of dogs a year with food, medicine, sheltering and so much more. Funds are never enough and the sanctuary runs on volunteers, this is why the Bank felt like it would be noble to collect money for this sanctuary and support these selfless care givers. For those who’d like to help out by sponsoring a dog for just €30, click here.

The other organisation that is benefitting this Valentine’s Day is a 4-year old charitable cat shelter called CLAWS which stands for Cat Lovers Adoption Welfare and Support. CLAWS rescues, rehabilitate and rehome over 500 kittens and cats a year, in 2021 particularly this went up to 700! No, we are not kitten kidding you! 700! 400 of which came through Animal Welfare. Once again this organisation is run by a number of volunteers that dedicate their free time to provide a better life for our feline friends. The aim of CLAWS is to provide a loving home for cats that lose theirs due to several reasons. The running costs of CLAWS exceed the donations they receive year on year, and this is why MeDirect Bank opted to help this charitable organisation. For those cat lovers who’d love to support CLAWS by sponsoring a cat click here.

We urge our staff, clients and readers to support those who are voiceless and assist such organisations in their invaluable work.

MeDirect donates to CLAWS Malta

MeDirect donates to the Island Sanctuary

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