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Changing It Up – Runner-Up: Rosalie Sammut

Relocating office gives a company the chance to update its look along with its brand, revamp the business, and motivate its staff as it creates an opportunity to implement new and innovative ways of working. Employees may be looking forward to a refreshing change of scene when they start working in the new building whilst outsiders will also learn a lot about the brand from the new office, either from seeing it physically or hearing about it on the news or by word of mouth.

When the move to Sliema was announced, we were all curious about the new premises. The first time I saw the building from the outside, I immediately formed a positive impression, but then when we entered the premises, I said to myself: “Wow, this place is state-of-the art, our office is huge and we have an amazing view of the sea”.

This is my first experience working in an open-plan office and it was clearly a major change for me. I used to work in an office that consisted of six people and was concerned about the lack of privacy, the distractions and the levels of noise in the open-plan environment. I nevertheless settled in very quickly and I already felt quite at home by the end of the first month. My concerns proved to be unfounded because this environment makes it easier to interact with other colleagues on a regular basis without having to knock on doors or schedule formal meetings. It also enhances the flow of information, teamwork and collaboration.

Apart from all the positive remarks, I have noticed that the office’s colour scheme is white, grey and brown. In my opinion, this combination of colours creates a bland environment. If I had to change or add something, I would add more plants and give some colour by hanging paintings or paint some of the walls or pillars with a warmer colour.

Change is what makes life interesting. Whether it involves changing home, job or work premises, I see it as a positive occasion, a new adventure and something to be looking forward to.

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