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Teatru Manoel is proud to present a Nicolo’ Machiavelli classic comedy to be performed in Maltese.

Teatru Manoel and production company ‘Talenti’ bring you ‘L-Impotenti’, a comedy in Maltese written by Nicolo’ Machiavelli. Originally known as ‘La Mandragola’ (The Mandrake Root), this comedy has been translated to Maltese by the late Zep Camilleri with an original score written by Vince Fabri.

Set in Firenze, Maciavelli wrote this comedy in 1504 and is known as one of the best written works that has come out of the 16th century as well as a very highly regarded piece in Italy Culture. The play is still popular to this very day and is performed in various theatres from time to time, even though it’s been five hundred and fifteen years since it’s been written.

The 35-year-old Gentleman Callimaco returns home from Firenze after being in Paris for some time. He is totally captivated by Donna Lucrezia’s beauty, the wife of Nicia the lawyer who is known to be a simple, stupid man. The couple is barren as Nicia is much older than his wife making him impotent, even though he would not admit this himself. However, Nica is so desperate to have children that he is ready to turn a blind eye and let his wife spend a night with another man if it meant him being able to become a father.

Callimaco desperately wishes to be able to speak to Donna Lucrezia in the hopes of spending at least one night with her. So, he enlists the help of his servant Sira, his friend Ligurio and (ironically) Father Timothy too! Nicia discusses his problem with Ligurio which leads him to meeting Callimaco. Callimaco gets wind of Nicia’s wish and comes up with his own plan. He promises Nicia that if he manages to get his wife to drink an elixir that he has concocted, his wife will surely be with child. However, whoever spends a night with his wife after this elixir has been consumed will not survive. From here on the plot takes many entertaining twists and turns that promise to keep audiences smiling from ear to ear.

Will Nicia’s wish come true? Will Lukrezia’s mother, Donna Sostrata, help her daughter’s dream come true? Is Father Timothy ready to give his help to such a scandalous situation? How will Lukrezia react to the advice that is given to her? Finally, will Callimaco’s plan be successful? And son, the plot thickens…

‘L-Impotenti’ is a comedy with original music that is characterised by period costumes, scenery, music, dance and is an all-round spectacle! The cast is made up of some of Malta’s leading actors including: Ron Briffa, Aaron Fenech, Michael Tabone, Simon Curmi, Manuel Cassar, Moira Muscat, Theresa Gauci u Claudia Mizzi. The piece also features singers and actors Julie Pomorski, Sarah Micallef Muscat u Stephanie Grech Mallia with choreography by Michelle Zerafa.

L-Impotenti is brought to you by MeDirect and directed by Mario Micallef. The show will run from 1st & 2nd November at 8pm and Sunday 3rd November at 5pm. Tickets may be obtained from the Teatru Manoel website www.teatrumanoel.com.mt or by calling on 21246389 or by sending an email on bookings@teatrumanoel.com.mt

MeDirect is proud to support Teatru Manoel.

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