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Your guide to switching bank services with us

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Switching to MeDirect Bank (Malta) plc.

Switching bank accounts does not need to be stressful.  MeDirect accounts offer a range of great features and benefits:

Become a MeDirect client

If you do not hold an account with MeDirect, you can apply to become a client by clicking here. The process is completely online, and once your application is confirmed, your account will be automatically opened.

How does the Switching Service work?

Switching your account or some banking services from one bank to another is simple.  You can switch your account to MeDirect (receiving Bank) from another Bank (transferring Bank). Within this user guide, you will find all the steps that are to be followed to switch your account.

Things you need to know:

Further information

Switching in

If you are switching your payment account to MeDirect, you can contact us to initiate the request, by submitting a written authorisation to give consent to start the procedure of switching all or some services from the transferring bank to MeDirect. MeDirect accepts receiving the forms in a digital format but would still require the originally signed hard copies to be able execute the instructions.


We will ask you to confirm that the details provided by your former bank are correct. If any direct credits and/or other instructions are initiated by a third party, we/you will need to inform the creditor about your new account details. We will request the former bank to transfer any credit balance to your new account with MeDirect, and on your instruction communicate to close the account. 

Switching Out

If you are switching from MeDirect to another local credit financial institution, we will send out a list of your account instructions within 5 working days to your new bank upon their request. We will transfer out the balance and close the account on the switch date as per communication received from your new bank.


Experience better Banking

The sooner you start managing your money, your way, using the best-in-class tools, the sooner you’ll see results. 

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We strive to ensure a streamlined account opening process, via a structured and clear set of requirements and personalised assistance during the initial communication stages. If you are interested in opening a corporate account with MeDirect, please complete an Account Opening Information Questionnaire and send it to corporate@medirect.com.mt.

For a comprehensive list of documentation required to open a corporate account please contact us by email at corporate@medirect.com.mt or by phone on (+356) 2557 4444.