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Why MeDirect – Runner-Up: Eliot Lauri

After graduating I considered various options and different banks to work for. With more than 20 registered banks in Malta, I tried the top five on the list. I finally decided to join MeDirect, since it had just been taken over by Anacap and I thought that the new owners would bring innovative ideas to the banking industry in Malta.

I have been working here for more than six years now, and I’m convinced that choosing to join this bank was the right decision for me. The opportunities that arise, the opportunity to learn new things, and the experience that I have acquired these past years are remarkable. Today when I compare myself to my fellow banking students I feel lucky to be part of this big family at MeDirect. I choose to call it family as our team is composed of a small number of employees, practically all of the same age and guided by our experienced managers. We have worked well together as a team for years now so we are more friends than collegaues.

We look forward to coming to work because besides meeting friends we also enjoy what we are doing.The atmosphere at work therefore, is very pleasant. It goes without saying that this feel good factor is also transmitted to our clients who find MeDirect personnel very friendly and easy to talk to.

The most important thing for me is that the top management doesn’t see me as a number in their business but value ideas from every individual in the company. They mix with staff and join in all our activities.

MeDirect encourages personnel to come up with new ideas and addresses their problems right away therefore no one feels intimidated or discouraged from speaking up. I feel that this system gives everybody the chance to express their ideas freely. Top management are always ready to listen to employee suggestions since they make one feel at ease and encourage communication.