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Having all your investments in one place gives you more control. Transferring these assets to MeDirect is easy, quick and efficient. By reimbursing our clientele of their third party transfer payments, and with no custody fees, it is a no brainer. Get in touch with us today and consolidate your portfolio.
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How can MeDirect help me invest?
Our team of financial advisors will assess your financial situation to make sure your investments are targeted towards achieving your goals.
How do I open an Investment Account?
If you are already a client of MeDirect opening additional accounts is quick and easy. You will just need to Log In to your account, click on Open an account and follow the steps indicated on screen. If you are not a client of MeDirect you will need to choose Become a Client  and follow the steps indicated on screen.
Can I transfer my existing portfolio of assets to MeDirect?
You can transfer your existing portfolio of securities apart from complex financial instruments or other financial instruments which we are unable to accommodate for online trading. You can send us a summary of your portfolio or send a duly filled in Asset Transfer Form, and we will analyse your holdings to confirm whether or not we can add the securities you hold to our tradable universe of securities.
How do I place an order?
Once you have opened an Investment Account and accessed your Online Trading platform, you can place an order in a few different ways. If you know the name, ticker or ISIN of the security, you can access the “Place an order” screen from your dashboard by: 
  • Clicking on ‘Trade’ and selecting ‘Place an order’
  • Clicking on My Investments, selecting ‘Overview’ and click on the button ‘Invest’
You can also place orders through the search tools. This helps you search for investments and enables you to place orders, by clicking on the "Place Order" button located next to each security. The search tools can be accessed directly from the “Trade” menu or by clicking on ‘Browse products’ and selecting ‘Explore investment products’, where you can choose any one of the investment categories. You can also buy or sell securities that you already hold by clicking on ‘My investments’, selecting ‘Overview’, clicking on a security and choosing whether you would like to Buy or Sell the security from your portfolio.

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