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As the world confronts challenges on many levels, MeDirect continues to make every possible effort to play a positive role in the communities in which we operate. Whether it is protecting our environment, promoting diversity and inclusion, helping those who are vulnerable, or providing financial literacy education, our aim is to promote sustainability within our operations and in society. This page serves to highlight our ESG strategy and provide information on our latest sustainability initiatives.

MeDirect’s ESG Strategy

MeDirect’s ESG Strategy is based on four strategic pillars with sustainability objectives translated into commitments that support our business goals:

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Non-Financial Reporting

MeDirect reports its sustainability progress in the Group’s annual non-financial report. The report includes a description of the main policies and rules that are followed within MeDirect as well as the non-financial data and strategic ESG initiatives. We provide information about governance, employees, environment and social aspects, including progress on our ESG strategy implementation. Moreover, the Group discloses Pillar III report on managing ESG risks.  

Sustainable Finance Disclosures

Under Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR), MeDirect is required to publish entity and product-specific disclosures. As a discretionary portfolio management and financial advisory services provider, MeDirect publishes these required disclosures. Furthermore, MeDirect ensures transparency by including information regarding remuneration practices within this document.

Sustainability Investing Preferences

MeDirect asks clients about sustainability preferences, related to environmental, social and governance, during the suitability assessment carried out prior to the provision of financial advisory and discretionary portfolio management services in accordance to MIFID II. The intention is to assist in building ESG awareness and redirecting capital into more sustainable investments.

Sustainability Risk Policy

MeDirect’s Sustainability Risk Policy presents an extensive structure that clearly defines the company’s strategy for seamlessly integrating and effectively managing sustainability risks within its main processes. The organization remains committed to cultivating a responsible and sustainable business, grounded in solid values and ESG principles.

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Financial education

MeDirect’s purpose is to give customers control over their finances. This means we take financial literacy very seriously and are committed to providing the public with access to the best global financial expertise.

Responsible products

We are also here to reward those who embrace sustainability in their own lives. MeDirect offers preferential rates on home loans to those who commit to making their properties energy efficient.

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Would you like to invest sustainably?

Our trading platform gives you the opportunity to identify and filter Mutual Funds and ETFs which focus on sustainability.

Responsible procurement

MeDirect is committed to the highest standards of business conduct. Supplier and Business Partner Code of Conduct sets the fundamental standards and principles expected from MeDirect suppliers and business partners with regards to business ethics and compliance, labor practices and work environment as well as environment protection.

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