Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MeDirect?

Is MeDirect a Maltese Bank?

What is the background of MeDirect?

Who are the directors of MeDirect?

Who are the shareholders of MeDirect?


How do I become a client?

What are the requirements to become a customer?

Why do I need to disclose whether I, or any of my relatives, hold public office?

Why do I need to disclose whether I am a US citizen, US resident alien or US tax resident?

How do I open an account?

What type of accounts does MeDirect offer?

How does a MeMax Savings Account work?

Can I open a joint account online?

Are there any fees to open and maintain an account?

How can I register for Online Banking?

How can I deposit funds in my account?

How can I communicate with the Bank online?

Is it possible to change my security or contact details online?

How do I transfer money online?

Why is the Payment Narrative mandatory?

What is the maximum daily amount that I can transfer to another bank through Online Banking/Mobile App?

Can I exchange currencies online?

How is the currency exchange rate determined?

Can I set up standing orders?

What happens to my standing order if there are insufficient funds on my account?

What happens if there are insufficient funds to carry out a pre-set transfer between or withdrawal from my accounts?

Can I set up future dated payments?

Can I edit or cancel my future-dated payments?

How can I withdraw funds from my Me Accounts?

Once I open a Fixed Term Deposit Account, can I later change the amount, rate or term?

Will my Fixed Term Deposit be automatically rolled over upon its maturity?

Where and when is the interest earned paid out?

What happens if interest rates go up or down?

What happens when my account is marked as inactive or dormant?

What is an inactive or a dormant account?

Can I access my account statements online?

How can I close an account?

What happens if I pass away?


How do I order a card?

What is the difference between a virtual and a physical card?

How do I activate my physical card?

Which account is my money debited from when making a payment with my card?

Can I use my card internationally?

Can I make a payment with my card online?

What is my card limit?

Are there charges for cash withdrawals?

Is the physical card contactless?

Why is the contactless function not working?

What should I do if my physical card is not working at a point-of-sale (POS) terminal or ATM?

Can I view my cards details from my account?

Where can I view my card PIN?

I have exceeded my card PIN attempts. How do I reset it?

Can I connect my MeDirect debit card to a digital wallet?

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

What should I do if I do not recognise a payment made from my card account?

What do I do if I recognise a transaction but want to dispute it?

How do I get a replacement for a damaged card?

What should I do if my card was taken by an ATM?

Can I block my card temporarily?

How do I terminate my card?

Will my old card automatically be blocked once a replacement card is ordered?


How can MeDirect help me invest?

How do I open an Investment Account?

How much does it cost to have an Investment Account?

How can I fund trades made through my Investment Account?

How do I place an order?

How can I find the security I want to buy?

Can I trade or transfer securities that are not currently offered on the online trading platform?

What is the minimum order size?

How do I know if my order has been executed?

What order types are available?

How are limit orders executed?

How do I place a limit order?

Can I cancel an order that I have submitted?

When do I receive the proceeds from a sale?

How can I track the securities in my portfolio?

Are the prices quoted real time?

What are the opening hours of the trading platform?

Are there any transaction charges for trading?

Do I have to pay custody fees?

Where will my securities be held?

Does MeDirect offer investment advice?

Which stock markets can I invest in using the Online Trading platform?

Which bonds can be traded on the Online Trading platform?

Which mutual funds can be traded on the Online Trading platform?

Which ETFs can be traded on the Online Trading platform?

What is the price that I will buy/sell a mutual fund for?

What is the ongoing charge for mutual funds and ETFs?


MeManaged is a Discretionary Portfolio Management product. What does this mean?

What makes MeManaged different to other Discretionary Portfolio Management products?

How do I open a MeManaged account?

What are the main advantages of a Discretionary Portfolio Management service?

Is MeDirect the portfolio manager of MeManaged accounts?

How can a portfolio manager invest on my behalf when he or she also has many other clients?

Can I close or make withdrawals from my MeManaged account?

How do I invest additional sums into my MeManaged account?

How are the management fees for MeManaged paid?

Can I amend or cancel my monthly contribution?

When will my monthly contribution towards the MeManaged account be debited?

Can I make changes to my MeManaged account investment strategy?

Will I receive updates on the performance of the MeManaged account?

Home Loans

How will I know if I am eligible for a MeDirect Home Loan?

How much is the maximum amount I can borrow?

How much would my initial deposit need to be?

What do the terms primary and secondary residence mean?

What is the Borrower-Based Measures Directive and how will it affect me as a borrower?

As a borrower, how will I know which category I fall under?

What is the maximum term I can avail of?

What is the difference between the Interest Rate & the APR Rate?

Can I effect extra repayments during the duration of the loan?

What insurances will I need to have to be able to take out a home loan?

Transfer of assets

Can I transfer my existing portfolio of assets to MeDirect?

Are there any fees for transferring my existing portfolio of investments to my Investment Account with MeDirect?

What are the steps for transferring my portfolio?

Corporate actions

What is a corporate action?

What is the difference between a mandatory and a voluntary corporate action?

What is the process for participating in a Corporate Action?

What do I need to do if I hold a securities investment which is undergoing a corporate action?

How will I receive corporate action information?

Will MeDirect charge a fee for processing a corporate action on my account?

Are there certain corporate actions not offered by MeDirect?

How do I inform MeDirect of my preferred option?

Can MeDirect advise me on which option I should take?

What happens if I miss the deadline to respond to a Corporate Action?

Can I change my mind after sending you my decision?

How does MeDirect decide what the default option is?

I have heard that a company is planning a corporate action. When will MeDirect contact me about this?

Where can I find more information regarding a specific corporate action?

Can I attend and/or vote at a general meeting?

How will I receive new shares or rights arising from a corporate action?

How is cash arising from a corporate action paid to me?

How do I obtain a bonus share tax certificate for my Maltese equity investment?

Does MeDirect provide cash dividend/coupon tax certificates?

Model Portfolios

What is a Model Portfolio?

What are the criteria for the selection of funds?

How can I invest in a Model Portfolio?

What is the minimum investment in a Model Portfolio?

How much does it cost to invest in a Model Portfolio?

What type of Model Portfolios can I choose from?

How do I know which Model Portfolio is best for me?

How long do I have to keep the Model Portfolio?

How and when are the dividends on the Income Model Portfolio paid?

Mobile App

What is MeDirect Mobile Banking?

What services are available via the MeDirect Mobile App?

Who can use MeDirect’s mobile service?

Is there a charge for the MeDirect Mobile App?

Can I use MeDirect’s internet banking without the app?

Is the MeDirect Mobile App compatible with all mobile devices?

Is the MeDirect Mobile App compatible with tablets and wearables?

How do I download the MeDirect Mobile App?

How can I pair my MeDirect Mobile App to my accounts?

What will my passcode upon registration be used for?

How do I change my passcode?

After how many incorrect login attempts will access to the MeDirect Mobile App be locked?

What do I do if I forget my app PIN or if I lock my MeDirect Mobile App?

What does the ‘Unpair device’ option mean?

What should I do if my mobile is stolen?

What should I do if I change or lose my mobile device?

Will my app session time out?

How many devices can I register the app on?

Is the MeDirect Mobile App secure?

Why is the ‘Accept’ button greyed out on the End-User License Agreement and on the Terms & Conditions?

What is the preferred account?

Do the balances displayed in each account represent my Actual Balance or my Available Balance?

Why are no accounts appearing in the MeDirect Mobile App?

I am trying to make a transfer, but I cannot select my account in the “To” or “From” account field?

Why is the “Make a Payment” button greyed out?

How do I view my up-coming Me Account transactions?

What is the Authorisation tab used for?


Who is Morningstar?

What is the Morningstar Star Rating?

What is the Morningstar Medalist Rating?

What is the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) rating?

What are the selection criteria of funds for the Model Portfolio?


Are MeDirect accounts guaranteed by the Depositor Compensation Scheme?

What is the Depositor Compensation Scheme?

Is MeDirect a participant in the Investor Compensation Scheme?

How can I be sure that my investment assets are protected no matter what happens to MeDirect?

Tax matters & legislation

What type of income or capital gain is subject to withholding tax in Malta?

Is the income I earn from savings and investment products subject to foreign withholding tax?

What is a W-8BEN form?

How do I complete a W-8BEN form?

What withholding tax options can I choose from?

Does MeDirect offer foreign tax relief or foreign tax refund services?

What are MeDirect PSD 2 APIs?


What is GDPR?

How does GDPR affect my rights?

What did MeDirect do about it?

How does MeDirect protect client information?

How does MeDirect communicate privacy information?

What lawful basis does MeDirect use for processing data?


Who should I contact if I have a complaint?

PSDII - Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Where can third party developers find more information about MeDirect PSD 2 APIs?


We strive to ensure a streamlined account opening process, via a structured and clear set of requirements and personalised assistance during the initial communication stages. If you are interested in opening a corporate account with MeDirect, please complete an Account Opening Information Questionnaire and send it to

For a comprehensive list of documentation required to open a corporate account please contact us by email at or by phone on (+356) 2557 4444.