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Changing It Up – Winner: Shanice Abela

Adapting to change was never one of my strengths; I was always happy in my own little bubble and I was scared to step out of my comfort zone. The prospect of a change in my surroundings was so unpalatable to me that I preferred to remain comfortable rather than step into unfamiliar territory.

However, when I started looking for a full-time job, I had to put myself out there and start anew. After sending numerous applications, I came across Mediterranean Bank, which was in the process of becoming MeDirect. The recruitment process was swift, and I immediately felt a connection with this bank, so I decided to take the leap and accept the position I was offered. A few months later, I consider MeDirect my second home.

I experienced the Valletta offices for a short while before we moved to the new offices in Sliema. Before relocating, I thought that having everyone under the same roof would create a lot more work. However, when I first stepped foot into our new offices, I was met with an astonishing view of the open waters, and I was excited about the thought of working here every day.

Now that everyone has settled in, I definitely do not regret choosing MeDirect. Although the relocation means a longer commute to work and more traffic, I am in love with the new offices. The beautiful view is definitely one of the top 3 perks about the new offices, but my favourite thing about our new premises is the feeling of being one big family. I have met so many different people since we’ve moved, and I have learnt so much more about the Group, that I feel truly lucky. Moreover, I am happy to say that I form part of a group which is diverse, open minded, and non-discriminatory.

Being in an office with so many different people, respect is definitely of utmost importance, followed by cooperation. Colleagues need to respect each other and accept the fact that what they believe is right may be completely wrong for someone else. They should also keep in mind that other people are sharing the same environment, and thus, cleanliness is essential. However, I feel that since we all moved to the new offices, employees feel more comfortable with each other. They are meeting up more often and are being provided with a comfortable space to step away from the computer screen during break time.

The entire change from Mediterranean Bank to MeDirect was definitely a positive one; after all as Socrates said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

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