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TEN Humans Telling Stories in Virtuous and Sinful Ways

This is a promenade performance during which 10 actors recount ten different stories (each approximately 5 to 6 minutes) in various spaces around Teatru Manoel and its backstage areas to groups of no more than six people observing social distancing rules.
There will be two sequences of storytelling such that each actor will tell two stories five times each performance. This means that audiences can come twice and listen to two totally different sequences.
Tickets are sold in blocks of different numbers, the largest being six. All people in each group must be from the same social group and wear a mask throughout the performance

Bocaccio’s Decameron consists of 100 stories. This interpretation selects 20 of those stories divided into two anthologies of 10 stories in each. If you join Groups 1 to 5  you will enjoy stories 1 to 10. On the other hand those joining Groups 6 – 10 will hear stories 11 to 20. Both a mix of comedy and tragedy. All are human stories, virtuous and sinful. If you would like to watch both stories please ensure that when you book tickets for the second performance you choose a different group to the first.  
A unique opportunity to explore beyond the Manoel’s auditorium
Each group meets outside the Main Theatre Entrance and is then escorted to their separate entrances and through the different performance areas in the Theatre’s complex.  

TEN inspired by Bocaccio’s Decameron will be held at Teatru Manoel from Thursday 12th November to Sunday 15th November. Tickets can be purchased through the Teatru Manoel’s website www.teatrumanoel.com.mt or from Teatru Manoel’s box office.

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