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What is home equity and how can I use this to help my lifestyle?

Home equity is the value of the property that you actually own. In simpler words, your home equity is the difference between the current market value of your home and what you owe on your mortgage. Let us say that your property is worth €300,000 and you still have a mortgage of €100,000 – this means you have up to €200,000 in equity.

Naturally, your home equity can increase in different ways. Often (but not always), property values rise over time, therefore, your equity will get a boost if the market value of your property rises. Making home improvements might also be a means of increasing the property’s value and thus can also be a way of increasing your equity. Of course, you can also increase your equity by paying down your home loan.

How can all this help you? Home equity loans are a useful way to tap into the equity of your home to obtain funds when your assets are tied up in your property. They are generally offered at lower interest rates than other forms of personal loans because they are secured by your own home.

Unlocking the equity in your home could open opportunities you thought you could not afford! You may be able to use it to obtain funding to purchase the car or boat of your dreams, further your education, start off a business, conduct home refurbishments or purchase an additional property, amongst other things.

The affordability of a home equity loan is calculated by taking into consideration your gross income, any monthly commitments, and the equity available on your property.

So, let your home lend a hand and make your dreams a reality!

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