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What is the PSD?

The European Union’s Payment Services Directive aims to make cross-border payments across the EU easy, inexpensive and secure.

What kind of payments does the PSD apply to?

PSD2 applies to most payment types, except paper-based payment instruments like cheques and bankers’ drafts.

What are the most important aspects of the PSD?

The current regulatory framework, known as the Regulatory Technical Standards, supports more choice, innovation and security by requiring Strong Customer Authentication, based on the use of two or more elements, in the provision of payment services to customers.


This regulatory framework is reflected in our online banking platform and mobile app user experience as well as in the shopping experience of our Mastercard debit cardholders.

If you do not have a funded account in the currency you choose to use, the funds for the transaction will be deducted from your Euro account, or if there are insufficient funds, from the currency account with the highest balance.

Which entities are regulated by the PSD?

Various entities are regulated by the PSD. Apart from banks, these include third party payment services providers and businesses which help individuals understand their financial position by collecting information about their holdings on their behalf from different banks.

What are the benefits of the PSD?

The PSD ensures greater transparency when it comes to the payment of fees and charges for bank transfers withing the European Economic Area (EAA). It also sets clear rules around what happens if money is deposited into your account by mistake or if you make a payment using incorrect details. Furthermore, if a payment you asked us to make within the EEA doesn’t arrive when it should have, you can ask us to contact the receiving bank to ask them to treat the payment as if it had been made.


Other customer benefits include a 13-month refund right for unauthorised transactions and the requirement to credit a customer’s account once the bank receives funds. The PSD also requires that complaints about payments be resolved within 15 business days. This can be extended to 35 business days if the information required is not within the Bank’s control.

Who is responsible for enforcing the PSD in Malta?

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the competent authority for some aspects of the Payment Services Directive (PSD) together with the Central Bank of Malta (CBM). More information on EU Payment Services legislation is available here.

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