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Notes from the Trading Desk – Franklin Templeton

The US presidential election remains a key investor focus in Europe. Democratic nominee Joe Biden continues to lead the polls; however, President Donald Trump’s comeback in 2016 election proves that there is still scope for uncertainty over the final result. There is also risk of a contested result, which would imply prolonged equity market uncertainty.

financial statements

Analysing Companies – Financial Statements

We will start discussing a new topic on how to analyse the underlying performance of companies. A good assessment of a company entails two types of analysis – a Quantitative (also referred as “Fundamental Analysis”) analysis and a Qualitative Analysis.

BlackRock Commentary: U.S. election through a sectoral lens

The potential outcomes of the November U.S. election could have starkly different policy ramifications. What will this mean for equity markets? Blackrock believe simplistic narratives about the overall market direction are best avoided.

Notes from the Trading Desk – Franklin Templeton

Equities were volatile last week as political drama took central stage, with the noise around the US presidential debate and President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis dominating investor focus.

green bonds in europe

Franklin Templeton Thoughts: Green Bonds Growing in Europe

Growing concerns about climate change have caused an explosion in ‘green’ bonds amongst environmentally conscious investors. David Zahn, Franklin’s Head of European Fixed Income, highlights some exciting developments in the green bond market, including new issuance from Germany.

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