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In our News & Updates section, we’ll keep you informed about what is happening at MeDirect Group. Through this section we also publish weekly market updates provided by well-established fund houses and other interesting financial reads. Make sure to visit often to keep yourself up to date.

mutual funds

Exploring Mutual Funds – When and How to buy a Fund

Investing in a mutual fund may seem daunting and overwhelming at first. Before you get mired in a number of details, you need to decide whether you want some help choosing your funds or whether you would rather do it on your own.

income investors

Liontrust Insights: Why innovation is important to income investors

The playbook used to be simple, size and market power mattered, and the strategy was to create value by controlling the value chain. This concept is now broken, and more companies than ever are required to pivot and innovate in a digital world to keep pace with a new generation.

investment discipline

Morningstar Views: How to Stay Disciplined (and Why It’s Important Now)

In this article Morningstar take a look at how the coronavirus has affected the market and what to do about it, if anything. Even though the market has partially recovered from the sharp sell-off in late February and March 2020, there is still considerable uncertainty about the economic fallout from the virus.

BlackRock Commentary: Strategic asset views amid virus shock

Global economic activity is being frozen to stem the coronavirus pandemic. Yet implications for asset prices will depend on the cumulative impact of the growth shortfall over time. BlackRock believe that policy actions to cushion the impact of virus shock are nothing short of a revolution.

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