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No recession cover in sovereign bonds Blackrock Commentary

BlackRock Commentary: No recession cover in sovereign bonds

Recession fears are roiling markets. Investors traditionally take cover in sovereign bonds, but we see this recession playbook as obsolete. Why? First, central banks are hiking rates to try to tame inflation, causing recessions. Second, we don’t see them cutting rates like they typically do in recessions due to persistent inflation. Third, we expect investors to demand more compensation for the risk of holding government bonds amid high debt loads.

Simple tips to start investing_

Simple tips to start investing

Looking at the news lately, you might feel rather uneasy about investing: is it the right time to venture into something new? We would like to explain some aspects about investing to help you take the right decision.

Infrastructure taking the long view Blackrock Weekly Commentary

BlackRock Commentary: Infrastructure – taking the long view

Rapid rate hikes are hitting markets now and will likely spark a recession, but we eventually see central banks stopping and living with inflation. Public market selloffs have cut the relative appeal of many private assets, but we see value in infrastructure thanks to a huge investment wave powered by the energy crunch and digitalization.

Franklin Templeton Weekly Update

Notes from the Trading Desk – Franklin Templeton

Pressures on the UK consumer remain front and centre. There is a focus on the extreme moves in mortgage rates and the potential impact this will have on the housing market and consumer spending. The government has brought forward its fiscal statement to 31 October in order to shore up market confidence.

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